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As an owner of a brand new car, be it an affordable B-segment city runner, a tough rugged off-roader or a sexy Italian sports car, you will most likely to be worried to the point of no return of finding ways of protecting your car’s delicate paint work from the elements, things like stone chips, acid rain, dirt kicked up from other cars, to accidentally scraping your car while parking to even acts of petty vandalism. That’s when XPEL paint protection film comes into the picture.

Brought in exclusively by G Guard, a car protection specialist centre located in Glenmarie, Shah Alam had recently brought in the American made product that is designed and develop to fulfil such needs. XPEL paint protection products is made to protect your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt or even bug splatters through the application of a thin and virtually invisible urethane paint protection film.

Unlike vinyl, urethane stretches without the need of heat and maintains its shape no matter what the ambient temperature it’s in, therefore it retains its flexibility no matter if the car is under hot or cold temperatures, rain or shine, day and night.

Not only that, XPEL is the only protection film that heals itself. The film consists of four different layers, 0.5 mils low surface energy urethane clear coat utilises elastomeric polymers that is designed to eliminate staining, contamination and surface scratches. 6 mils polyurethane formulated for excellent flexibility and memory when stretched. Third, 1.6 ultra-clear modified acrylic copolymer that is specifically formulated to have good tack on automotive paint surfaces and excellent rework ability and removability, with 2 mils matte polyester release liner.

Protection films did not come into existence recently, but as far back into the 1960’s where it was only implemented for military use only to protect helicopter rotor blades from rocks and sand damage when being sucked up. Then in the 70’s the application then moved to fighter jets to only protect the nosecone only, where all the sensitive equipment is located.

In the 80’s however, the transition from military to civilian use is bridged with the application in motorsports, where teams in NASCAR used these urethane films to protect the car’s paint work from debris. XPEL has worked closely with 3M, the original developers of the film to continuously develop and improving the technology. In 2007, XPEL went independent and introduced their first two products, the “Standard” and “Premium” and has expanded ever since.

Keeping the exterior of your car clean and mint doesn’t just keep your car looking like new every day, but protect your car as an investment in the long run, preventing the wear and tear of the elements of everyday driving, and even the petty acts of a jealous few from ruining your car’s paint work, therefore reducing costs in paint damage repair and expensive polish and wax services. As they say at XPEL, “Drive a New Car Everyday”. For more information, contact G Guard Sdn Bhd at 03-5567 9087.

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